Jacques Berthelot


With a background in law, economics and management, Jacques Berthelot has been working as an agricultural economist for 10 years in several African countries and then as a lecturer in economics and agricultural policies at ENSAT (Ecole Nationale Superieure Agronomique de Toulouse) for 24 years, from which he retired in 2000. Since then he has been devoting all its time to analyses of agricultural policies, and particularly of agricultural trade policies, for several NGOs networks, among which Solidarité, where he is the reference person for agricultural policies,  ATTAC (scientific Council), SOLAGRO (board of directors), the World’s Alternative Forum (coordinated by Samir Amin and Francois Houtard), OWINFS (Our World Is Not For Sale, an international network aiming to rebuild international trade regulations in all areas, including agriculture, submitting them to a hierarchy of norms, to the basic human rights and multilateral conventions on the environment).

« It is necessary to restore national sovereignty against economic imperialism. Trade should not be war and each country should have the right to establish its defensive interests as it wishes, provided it does not harm other countries by offensive actions, among which all types of dumping. »

He collaborates closely with ROPPA (Réseau des Organisations Paysannes et des Producteurs agricoles d’Afrique de l’Ouest) in the construction and implementation of ECOWAS’ agricultural policy (ECOWAP) and the position to be taken within the WTO and the EPA (Economic Partnership Agreement with the EU). Jacques Berthelot represents Solidarité in Pac2013 (a network of 20 NGOs following the EU Common Agricultural Policy) and in the EU Advisory Group on the international aspects of the CAP (common agricultural policy).

Jacques Berthelot has published 4 books: « Les coopératives agricoles en économie concurrentielle » (Cujas, 1972), « Les sillons de la faim » (L’Harmattan, 1980, in collaboration with François de Ravignan), « L’agriculture, talon d’Achille de la mondialisation“ (L’Harmattan, 2001), « Réguler les prix agricoles » (L’Harmattan, 2013, an English version being expected at the end of 2013). He publishes articles on agricultural policies in Le Monde Diplomatique and SUNS’ (South-North development monitor, an electronic daily bulletin of the Third World Network).