5 of December, world volunteering day

Initiated by the UN in 1985, the world volunteer day aims promoting volunteer’s work and  socio-cultural and economical development. Let’s not forget that 2011 has also been declared “European volunteering year”. For example, now-a-days in France, 13 million people make volunteer work.

What if I volunteer ?

The word volunteer comes from the latin voluntarius “voluntary, of one’s free will». The word “solidarity” would also come from old spanish “solidaridad”, the sun. Volunteering thus significate to make the free decision to be warm, welcoming with people.

A volunteer shares his time, know-how, knowledge, creativity, values and positive thinking with communities or people in need. This broad definition includes when you an ols neighbourg to go shopping, as much as a proper engagement within an association. Volunteering also include giving free time to a sportive, artistic or cultural organism.

Volunteering means, first of all, being committed and then wishing to give a bit of your personal warmth, of your “sun” to others.

Charity work or volunteering ?

Although this distinction is much less bigger than in French, we could distinguish local volunteers and international ones.

A volunteer for charity work is dedicated to an unpaid job, during his spare time, most often, locally.
An international volunteer has enough will to work in another country under specific conditions: he is usually remunerated, works at an international level, replacing a daily activity.

Leave from profit society

Volunteering is a strong commitment as it leads to the end of an "all for profit society". Indeed, being a volunteer is all about giving your spare time without expecting any money in exchange. According to the website World Volunteer Web, it enables a person to developp its know how and knowledge on a specific topic.

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