FRANCE Screening-debate: grains for countries (2011)

Discovering tropical grains: examples of alternatives in India and during Dakar World Social Forum (2011)

By 8pm at the Galerie Goutte de Terre  – 46 rue Godefroy Cavaignac – 75011 Paris, SOLIDARITÉ organized a film screening of the movie “hands to make, hands to speak”. At this occasion, our association shared its involvement in promoting locals grains.

The film has been will be followed by a presentation of a recipe booklet called “Cuisiner autrement. Cuisiner chez vous les savoir-faire du monde” (Cook in different way: Learn world know-how recipes and home-made), published after Dakar World Social Forum, on 2011. You could also discover online the first pictures of « Mil et une solutions » ‘s documentary, realized at Dakar.

We had the pleasure to receive, Jacques Berthelot, agro-economist.



Our Program

8pm: Welcome

8:30pm: « hands to make, hands to speak », documentary of Michel CIRES and Mathieu SOUDAIS (length: 52’). Michel CIRES and James FOREST, specialist of organic bread-making, have trained young Indian women and carried out bread-making test for SOLIDARITE.

Find more about the Vocational Training Centre for Women Project.

In southern India, about fifteen young women, traditional grain qualities of their country during a bakery training session .
Ignored for some 60 years now, different varieties of millet appear as a necessary alternative against consequences and the deadlock of the Green Revolution in India. As forthe question of North-South agricultural commodity trades reveals it the persistence of colonial heritage leading to a barrier for the effective, communities access to food sovereignty.

Watch the movie trailer here.

9:30pm: Introduction to the recipe booklet, with the diffusion of “Mil et une solutions” trailer over a drink.

The booklet provides recipes by adding value of local and tropical grains that you can prepare at home. The publication is based on handcraft food product area introduced by SOLIDARITE during the World Social Forum held in Dakar on 2011. For the occasion, recipes have been realized by Indians, Mexicans, Brazilians, French and African handcrafts. Much more than a cookbook, this compendium also features supporting notes related to grains and processing methods, as well as support for local resource enhancement actions in the north and the south.

This booklet is a genuine tool to raise awareness among the food sovereignty issue. This one shows to African and French public attractive substitute to food produced from wheat. (To the kitchen, get set, go!)

10:00 pm Projection of a documentary film: « Mil et une solution »

Directed and produced by Mathieu Soudais and Michel Cirès – “All kind of films” – 2011


Introduced by French people during colonisation, wheat bread baguette has won over the hearts of Dakar people. Today, Senegal, such as neighbouring countries, is suffering badly from the world market of wheat fluctuations and saw a widening of trade deficits. The movie condemned dependence situation created out and tracks West Africa food sovereignty assets. By taking the example of Senegal, it shows the importance of eating locally and underlines the many barriers to reach this point. Is wheat a product we can’t live without? Why not producing biscuits made of millet, maize, manioca? Organized by SOLIDARITÉ, artisans from France, India, Mexico, Brazil and Africa have taken up this challenge during the World social forum 2011 in Dakar.