To fight against climate change, action at the governmental and international levels is of course essential, but at the citizen level it is essential to safeguard future generations and to train the youth of today, leaders of tomorrow, to save the planet.

India alone is a vast continent, which with China will shortly represent more than 50% of the population and the world’s agricultural and energy consumption, and therefore constitutes one of the most important concerns in terms of environmental protection. With a population of over one billion, 300 million people today (the population of India has surpassed China), with nearly 50% of people under 20 years old (people over 60 years only represent 5%), it is essential and urgent to inform and train youth.


Duration: December 2013 to December 2016
Project Area: The association SOLIDARITÉ has decided to work with Indian youth and schools part of a pilot project initiated within the framework and with the support of the “CATAMARAN” training center, located in southern India near Pondicherry.
 -The primary goal is to educate and train the most children possible between the ages of 6 and 15, from public schools in the area, in subjects of environmental protection (small scale food and organic vegetable agriculture, the use of renewable energy, water management and recovery, waste management, biodiversity conservation specifically including marine biodiversity and coastal conservation, climate change, ways of addressing the issues as a citizen on the local, national and international scale).

 -The second objective is to promote the reproduction of this pilot project in other regions and school structures through high visibility in the media, schools, universities, school inspectorates, ministries, etc.
Ten schools will be selected each year, which will enable to locally reach about 4500 families as indirect beneficiaries.




Since the beginning of 2014, Jaya, the project coordinator, has been very active and participating in increasing the number of schools involved, the work on the gardens is also under way.

In addition, a partnership has been established with the "Education Center of the Ministry of Environment and Forests" of Chennai and will allow the dissemination of educational materials to students. Bio-Schools are on track to ensure theoretical and practical awareness of youth.

It is therefore with great pleasure that we invite you to also contribute to the implementation of the "Bio-schools for environmental protection" project, in order to reach more and more Indian students, the future eco-players of a new world on the move.

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Translated into English by Dagmara Bojenko