Internship in India

With Catamaran eco center you can do an intership in many fileds.

CATAMARAN is a post-development and environmental training and tourism centre, in India created to: develop a training, sensitization and documentation centre, on the stakes of post- development and the protection of cultural and natural environment (in particular coastal area), for local NGOs, European and Indian students, companies and individuals, and which will be financially self-sufficient, in particular thanks to the reception and the stay of these public. The financing aim is to support other alternative projects in India.

 If you’re ready to improve your knowledge and skills with a challenging and alternative project in south India and make a big difference in your life and the life of others, then apply for internship/volunteer

People from India, Asia, Africa, South and North America, Europe visit our centre "Catamaran" to learn about marine biodiversity, organic farming, agro ecology, food sovereignty, Gandhian philosophy, eat organic food and to be a part of our centre and campus activities. We welcome visitors, volunteers and interns from all backgrounds – from student to professional- to join our learning community. Some join us for 3 to 6 months while others come only for a few days. Each intern/volunteer must be self motivated, self organize, ready to observe and participate actively.

Each intern/volunteer is invited to learn from the Catamaran centre and surrounding environment by observation and active participation in the activities.

Interns and volunteers must participate with enthusiasm in the life of the Centre in a communal manner. They spend their days working with the gardeners, the workers and rest of the team who run Catamaran. They in meal preparation, do gardening activities such as weeding, planting, sowing and maintain a clean, healthy environment for everyone on site.


The following outline gives an idea of the activities the volunteers and interns carry out during the year:

  • Organising organic farming and organic vegetable garden
  • Sowing of vegetables
  • Grains and pulses, sowing, transplanting, harvesting, threshing, and cleaning
  • Seed selection
  • Tree planting
  • Making and maintaining composts and vermin-compost
  • Kitchen work
  • Cleaning rooms and community hall
  • Press review
  • Translate in English, german, Spanish, french some communication tools.
  • Post-Development Studies


Multi-purpose work is an essential skill for all interns and volunteers as no one is limited to specific tasks, but will participate in other projects and activities as they arise and according to time, ability and energy.

Interns often come with a project or research idea in mind, please communicate this with the Manager of the centreso that this may be considered and consequently facilitated.

Those who are interested in communication and advocacy work are requested to mention in their application.

For long term period, we recommend an Tamil and Hindi language course (as "Assimil" method) prior to arrival as this will in communication with the team, farmers, etc. Volunteers and interns should apply at least three month before arrival to allow for necessary communications before the scheduled date and to ensure there is space during your stay. Keep in mind the visa processing time according to the Indian consulate and embassy in your country. Please be aware that space is limited, especially during certain times of year due to courses or school groups and we cannot always guarantee space.

Please fill out the intern and volunteer online application at the bottom of the page


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