Mathieu SOUDAIS • film director

Film director. He is a native of Midi-Pyrénées region in France and is steeped in the world of farming. After studying history and cinema, he began to make films about the organic farming throughout the world. He is a founder member of the association created in 2009 : Les films en tous genres (All types of film).

Among his films (in French) :


Reconquérir les céréales au pays
(Win back cereals for the region)
Documentary, 24 mins.

A group of organic farmers and 2 associations (GAB65 and Terre en Vie) decide to re-introduce local cereals for human consumption, the majority being imported and used for animal feed…

The objective of the film is to  incite  organic farmers who do not transform their cereals, as well as "conventional" farmers, to produce, transform, and thus maximise the value of cereals of the farm.


Des mains pour faire, des mains pour dire
(Hands to make, hands to say)

Based on images by  James Forest and Michel Cirès
50mins – 16/9e – French version- 2010

In the South of India, about fifteen young women discover, during a training course in bread-making at the Vocational Training Center For Women, the qualities of traditional cereals of their country. Abandoned for about sixty years, the various varieties of millet appear as an indispensable alternative ito the consequences and of the impasse of the green revolution in India.
The question of the North-South exchanges of agricultural raw materials shows the persistence of a colonial inheritance forming  an obstacle to real food "independence" for local populations.

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