Become a member

Why to become a member of the association?

  • To give a moral and financial support
  • To support the values that our association champions
  • To be engage in a project
  • To reinforce the weight and legitimacy of the association’s actions
  • The more we are, the heavier we will be towards our partner

How much is the membership fee? 20€ a year
With this membership you can benefit from tax reductions. A donation of more than 20€ can be considered as a membership. The donor should express its motivation to become a member.
The renewal of the membership is made every year in March.

Which advantages are reserved to the benefactor members?

  • The DVD “Vivre Autrement le présent” will be sent to you with a presentation of the association.
  • You can have reductions on products : books normally costing 20€ are sold to you at only 15€. You can have : the small briefcase on Post-development at 30€ instead of 45€. The big briefcase on Post-development at 60€ instead of 95€.
  • Free entrance to the event of the association
  • The possibility to receive the electronical Newsletter in a paper version.
  • Participation to the General Assembly (without any  right to vote)

How to become an active benefactor member?

If a benefactor member wants to become an active member, he just has to write a motivation letter to the animation comity of the association. Two active members of the association will then sign this letter.
After a probationary period of one year, the animation comity will accredit this individual as an active member.

Advantages are the same as for the benefactor member, but he has  the right to vote during the General Assembly.