International mobilisation conferenceon the Right to Land and Livelihood

In a world of contrasts – growing interdependence side by side with growing inequalities between and within countries – this Conference seeks to explore the ways that non- violent grassroots mobilization is defending rights, promoting social justice and providing a viable route to sustainable development.

The Conference objectives are to:

    * examine research and policy as well as evidence from activists on the impact of economic globalization processes, particularly in rural areas of developing and transition countries;
    * support and develop peace-building initiatives and strategies for non-violent social, economic and political change;
    * promote land rights and local community control of natural resources as a route to food security, decent work and sustainable development;
    * identify the gender implications of unequal access to resources and promote the empowerment of women;
    * raise public awareness and gain political, institutional and financial support for the Right to Land agenda with specific reference to Jan Satyagraha – March for Justice 2012, organized by Ekta Parishad.

12-13 September 2011
International Conference Centre, Geneva, Switzerland


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