8 of March, international Women’s day

70% of the poorest in the World are Women ; they own less than 2% of lands and receive less than 5% of loans.

These figures are alarming and show that Women’ situation is a real concern nowadays. Yet, these figures don’t reflect Women’s leading role in society. International Women’s day, on 8th of March, is a good occasion to pursue the fight for equality, as well as to remind Women’s role in the development field.

Women, development’s main protagonists

The official theme chosen for the international Women’s day 2012 is "Recognizing the critical role and contribution of rural women / Empower Rural Women – End Hunger and Poverty."

Women play a main role in rural development : rural Women represent a quarter of worldwide population, producing main food crops and accomplishing most of domestical work. They represent 43% of farm workers and, within a few countries, this figure rises to 70%. That is why women are considered as main development actors. It would therefore be important to recognize their contribution and to rise their voice in the decision-making process involving development issues.

The third objective of Millenium development goals is to achieve gender equality. Women empowerment can be reached through Women’s role recognition, in order to recognize their initiative and enable their independence.

In order to develop their independence and decision-making, economic empowerment is critical. According to the UN, if rural Women beneficiated from an equal access to productive resources, agricultural benefits would increase and we would have from 100 to 150 million less people suffering from hunger in the world

SOLIDARITE supports World Women empowerment through training

Beneficiaries of the VTC

The Vocational Training Centre for Women in India develops since 2007 profesional training to young women and teenagers coming from 27 villages. They are trained in baking, dressmaking and computer. They also receive empowerment training on health, alcohol issues, handscraft, etc. This training enable them to make their own decision and become independent, while still respecting their community and its values.

The project "The grains of hope"

Throughout the project "The grains of hope" in India, with the local partner NAVDANYA, SOLIDARITE has dedicated a part of the project in training women to agro-ecology by supporting a seeds protection network. Thanks to the project, the beneficiaries gain autonomy and play a role in the decision making process.

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