Internship conditions


Registration are open

1 to 15 July

or 4 to 17 August


How to participate?

  • Send your resume and a cover letter;
  • If you are pre-selected, we will propose you an interview in our office or by phone;
  • You will receive a validation letter;
  • Then, you will have two weeks for definitely apply in sending your complete dossier, the application form, the deposit, etc…;
  • We will meet you during an individual interview for finalising your departure;
  • You will participate to a departure’s preparation meeting with other interns at the organisation’s headquarters.

Conditions and details for applying for an internship with the CATAMARAN

  • You must be over 18
  • You must have a good knowledge of English  in order to understand the course and express yourself correctly in the field
  • Each internship is a specialised internship combining theoretical and practical work. It is therefore an efficient way for education and complementary training, but above all it is a life-changing internship. The student will be exposed to a new way of life and will learn more about himself and other;
  • SOLIDARITÉ can propose internship themes to students who hope for but internship topics proposed by the students themselves, depending on their studies and their wishes are favoured and encouraged;
  • The goal for the student is to become independent in the preparation and the achievement of his internship. Hence, once the theoretical training finished, the students complete their internship in immersion: on the field, they will have to get a high capacity of adaptation and a self-running work, assisted by their supervisor;
  • All the interns must write an internship report in the form of an experiences’…. That will be handed out to SOLIDARITÉ organisation. The language of writing is advised to be in English; it allows us to share it with our partners.

Cost of the training course: 76€ per day

The internship’s total cost is €1140  for 15 days of training. Our organisation is non-lucrative. Hence, this cost covers not only the costs directly linked to your presence in the host country but also the structure of the Catamaran Centre.
Distribution of the internship costs

This cost includes : 

  • The application and administration costs
  • The training costs: theory, practice, visits, yoga, etc.
  • The housing
  • The meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
  • The transportation (visits of projects) during the training

This cost does not include :

  • The trip’s preparation costs (plane tickets, vaccines, visa, insurance, etc.)
  • The travels (outside of the training) non-organised by the Catamaran Centre
  • Personal purchases (souvenirs etc.)
  • The possible hospital or health costs (enquire to your insurer)

Cost of the immersion part: 10€ per day

(to give exclusively to the partner, SOLIDARITE does not take any fee)

From your choice, you will afterwards integrate the team of one of our partners, alone or in duo, for an immersion of 2 to 6 months in the local conditions, village-community.

This cost includes :

  • A simple housing in a dormitory in the local conditions

  • Vegetarian meals, villager base (breakfast, lunch, dinner)

This cost does not include :

  • The travels

  • The possible visits

  • Personal purchases (souvenirs etc.)

  • The possible hospital or health costs (enquire to your insurer)