Each year the professionals who teach are different. They are all specialists in their own fields ( anthropology,agronomy,sociology,economy,political science etc.)


Jean-Pierre Sany:

As the training responsible, Jean-Pierre Sany offers his competences in audit, consulting, research, training and communication on the rural development, sustainable farming and environmental respect thematics, both in the South of Europe and in southern countries.

Administrator of the Adear 11 for ten years, he gets involved on various issues dealing with agricultural installation (formation of the Youth, agricultural incubator…) and with the relocation of a collective catering supplies (including a research on the Pays Corbières & Minervois French regions).

Rajagopal P.V. :

A Gandhian activist leader of the ‘Ekta Parishad’,a popular movement  which is fighting  the cause for underpriviledged, notably the untouchables,  tribal people, espace women, organizing peace marches (padyatra).

L S Anthony Samy :

Social worker, executive director of BLESS. He is working on the  promotion of solidarity movement on behalf of the poorest people in rural Tamil Nadu.

Laurent Beaumont :

Professor of Agrimony. Agricultural engineer, he has organized and participated in trainings for several organizations : goat farms, inter-professional organizations and local authorities. After obtaining a masters in rural sociology, he  made some researches on popular naturalistic knowledges. Since 2009 he has been professor of agronomy in the agricultural education in charge of BEP, classes in BTS and Bachelor degree.

Jean-Louis Bato:

Rural economist and social worker. He spent more than 20 years in India .He worked in particular with the " Bhoodan movement " introduced by Vinoba Bhave, the disciple of Gandhi, whose objective was to get back  the vacant lands to redistribute them to landless farmers.