The Research and Information Centre for Development is a network of French NGOs for International Solidarity which share the same conception of a humane and sustainable development in a spirit of solidarity, through the strengthening
of the civil society.




Centre de Documentation du Tiers Monde de Paris.

The CDTM was established in 1980 by activists working for the first Artisans du Monde shop, who believed that warning the general public of the causes of adverse development in the most impoverished countries was a priority. The CDTM informs the public about development and international solidarity. Specialised in fair trade and conscientious tourism, its action is based on solidarity economy (based on people), North/south relations and international aid. Its offices house SOLIDARITÉ’s Paris branch




A decentralized network of 46 information centres for development and international solidarity.
Established in 1985 RITIMO references documentation and data bases, produces documentaries and organizes events.
SOLIDARITÉ ed to create the CIDES, a Ritimo documentation centre in Toulouse





A collective of European organisations that support the work of Ekta Parishad in India, above all the JANADESH walk.





Réseau des Objecteurs de Croissance pour l’Après-Développement.
An active association that congregates a number of organisations and individuals around one common theme ; alternative development. Its members are: agricultural trade unions, ecologists, activists for alternative development, international solidarity organisations, collectives of ‘eco-aware’ citizens, university research workers (in sociology, economy, philosophy, geography and politics) and individuals. These members live and work in a number of different countries: Italy, France, Spain, Germany, England, Belgium, India, Senegal, Switzerland, Canada …