Our history

Created in Toulouse in 1980, SOLIDARITÉ is an international solidarity organisation governed by the French law of the 1st of July 1901. It is a non-profit organisation with no religious links and independent of all political parties and financial organisations.

SOLIDARITÉ supports initiatives in Africa, South America, Asia and Europe. In the southern hemisphere it works exclusively with local organisations, it encourages alternative projects whose objective is to victims of social exclusion to gain their independence. In the northern hemisphere, SOLIDARITÉ participates in programmes aiming to inform the public and increase their awareness of North-South relationships and to encourage a more crtitical approach to development.

This association was founded by men and women  who have participated in numerous social and economic experiences throughout the southern hemisphere and Europe since the the end of the 1960’s. The founding members of SOLIDARITÉ were inspired by the pioneers of critical approach to development* such as François Partant and Gandhi.

The philosophy and the orientation of SOLIDARITÉ’s work are guided by its ethical charter, drawn up in 1980 and updated in 2009. (see links to document at the bottom of the page)

* This movement was born in the 1960’s out of a critical reflection on economic presuppositions and the failure of development policies : it brings together researchers and field workers who can contribute analyses and innovative experiences in economic, social and cultural fields.

Critical approach to development : ROCADe

At the beginning of 2010, SOLIDARITÉ rejuvenated its image: modernizing its logo and presenting a new website.


Between 1983 and 2008, SOLIDARITÉ published a quarterly review. Below are some of the headlines (in French) that mark the 30 year history of the association.

Currently, we publish a newsletter (in French), feel free to subscribe! (Link in the top right-hand corner)