Tuesday, March 27th, come to an afterwork round-table on « non-violence »

« What is post-development ? » ; « A degrowth society, what meaning for which applications ? » ; « Live the present differently, is it possible ? »…

… Enjoy these special times organized by SOLIDARITÉ once in a month to discover or rediscover alternative issues !

This month…


Tuesday, March, 27th from 7 to 9 pm • Galerie Goutte de Terre (Paris, 11e)

Free entrance, friendly atmosphere, french-speaking round-table

March round-table will deal with non-violence issue : what is the concrete application of this notion nowadays ?

We will receive two associations working on non-violence, in order to introduce the debate. After a short introduction, the assembly is invited to debate on the concept :

  • The MAN (Movement for a non-violent alternative), represented by Jean-Pierre Dacheux
  • JINOV Movement (Youth, Initiatives and non-violence), represented by Jean-Pierre Dardaud.

In order to keep the atmosphere friendly, we have decided to limit the number of participants to the round-tables. Book your seat on  contact@solidarite.asso.fr or by phone : 0033 (0) 1 48 78 33 26.

Why did we choose the Gallery Goutte de terre ?

The associative Goutte de Terre Gallery was created in 2009 by Raphaël Schaltegger. Its selection of artists takes into account the values spread throught Art and encourages the diffusion of environment and respect values.

All Gallery benefits support associations working to enhance access to drinking water worldwide.

That is because its values fit to SOLIDARITE’s ones that the Goutte de terre Gallery is one of our three partners to organize the monthly round-tables along with Center Valeyre (9e), and Main d’oeuvre cultural center in Saint Ouen.